”Classic, Timeless, Luxury.”

Our capes are made of 100 % wool

Scandinavian design. The cape you purchase from us is made of 100% wool and is designed to be worn as you like – outdoors, indoors at a party, perhaps, or simply when you want to add a touch of luxury to your day, at work or at home. Each color in the earthy color palette has been carefully selected in perfect harmony with today’s requirements for long-lasting, sustainable design that stands the test of time. The quality exceeds most standards on today’s market, with details crafted by hand and manual production inspections. Our trademark high collars, with their handsome design, help you stand tall and proud.

 Environment and sustainability trends

We can say with pride that the factories supplying the fabrics for our capes operate with respect for the environment, for people and for sustainable development. Ever since our factories began operating, our company has never used products in our manufacturing process that are toxic to humans or nature. Our company continuously carries out research and development to achieve minimal environmental impact.